Hello world!

Welcome to my first post. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Adrienne.  I am an Observant (mostly) Jewess married (20+ years), mother of 4 amazing bottomless pits (food- 1 boy and money – 3 girls), I am a Registered Nurse (graduated 1988) and keeping kosher on a very tight budget. We have 1 large dog and 3 annoying cats. My hobbies are reading and jewellery making. I have an online shop where I sell my jewellery overseas.

This is my second blog, the first one is called Adiesdesigns and deals with jewellery making and beading.

This new blog is about being Jewish in South Africa and elsewhere in the world. I hope to fill it with recipes and money saving tips and ideas. I will also invite guests who can give us advice on cooking, budgeting and raising children to be “Menschen”, on being the best mom possible and on keeping Shabbos in this very secular world. The blog will be on living, not just surviving everyday, whether you are a full time mom/dad or a working mom/dad and whether you have kids or not. There will be helpful ideas if you are just becoming kosher or whether you have been kosher forever.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

The idea for this blog came from a few blogs I follow on decluttering your home (which mine is in desperate need of), on bringing down your cost of living, on parenting and about turning chaos into harmony in your home. All of these blogs are great but they are not totally relevant to South Africa, they are mostly American and often have coupons and specials listed that we don’t get. I follow a lot of cooking blogs and sometimes the recipes are amazing but do not follow kosher guidelines.  I adapt a lot of these recipes and I will publish the ones that work and stories of the ones that don’t.

As mentioned, I follow a few blogs, through email and Facebook, on cooking, on home management and parenting and on Jewish learning too. I don’t always read everything but when there is something interesting I will post it to the Facebook page or blog about it. I have listed the blogs that are mostly relevant. I will adapt things from them that I think will work here. I also follow nursing blogs but these I won’t share (except if the article is relevant to this blog)

Once this blog is running well and there are enough of you reading it, I will attempt to get specials and prizes to give away.

If you are a Jewish business owner and would like to advertise, please send me an email to kasheringyourlife@gmail.com.

If you have a blog, or if you see an interesting and relevant article that we can share, or if you would like to contribute to this blog, please send me an email.

This is not a political site and I, therefore, don’t post about Israel, the BDS or anything like that.  If there is a direct threat to South African Jewry, then I will let you know immediately. Be assured that any medical advice found in this blog and on my Facebook page will have come from medical people.

Since this is my blog, I will sometimes post an opinion that will not be agreeable to everyone, or someone will comment with an opposing opinion.  There will be no Loshen Hora, (speaking badly of others).  We all have our own opinions and are entitled to them.

Torah opinions published will be from reputable Orthodox Rabbi’s as well as other sources.

Please avoid commenting to my blog on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Thank you for joining me and welcome to a new journey.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I want to like your new blog, but I’m put off by the fact that you said that your three cats are annoying. It sounded interesting, but then you lost me and will probably lose other animal lovers along the way. Sorry. Good luck.


    1. Thank you for your feedback, these three cats in the last 7 years have, caused me to break my wrist, peed in cupboards, given me at least dozen half eaten birds, rats and lizards, broken into the pet food cupboard, one burnt her feet by jumping onto a hot stove, one dislocated his hip (still not sure how) and the third needed over 50 stitches and ripped three curtains climbing up them, on the other hand my kids have pushed them around in prams and dressed them as babies and schlepp them around everywhere.


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