Do you know where you are going?

On a Wednesday night I teach a jewellery making class.  We started talking about this new blog and how it wasabout – among other things – saving money.  One of my students mentioned something I have never heard about. It is called The Entertainment Book.

Entertainment book

This is apparently something well known in Australia, so I looked it up.  What a fantastic thing.

If you like going out to the zoo with your family, want to treat yourself to a spa day, stay somewhere nice on vacation, or even go out for supper, (RTG and Next door are both in there, but no other kosher establishments), go to movies, adventure golf and the list goes on. There is a voucher for it, things like 25% off your bill.

I watched the short video clip they have on their site and one of the things that intrigued me was that 20% of the cost is donated to charity. You can buy your book membership for around R 300, and it contains R 60 worth of voucher valid till this time next year. They say it is available at hospitals, so tomorrow I will ask at the hospital where I work. I searched the internet to find specific places to buy the book but found none listed. I will keep searching.

I must admit that, if you are like my family and rarely go out, or  on holiday, it may not be worth it, with only the two kosher food options available.  If you like to eat out there are some well known restaurants listed that even a kosher girl like me has heard of. Signature of Sandton, a well known African restaurant, and Adega.

So even though I won’t be buying one yet, I will look into it for you and your family, because it sounds quite worthwhile.

Here is the site: