Bucket List #5 – Buy a Stranger Groceries

This goes with my post Gratitude, it is the small every day things that count!

Raising Us

I am not entirely sure why I included this on my bucket list; but it could be part of being a better person and all that.
Maybe it was to make myself feel good about what a good person/Christian I am. A ‘look at me’ attitude. I am probably not supposed to say such things out aloud.
Or maybe I added it because I am a decent human being and I should just own that.
Either way, it was something I wanted to do, and I did it.

How it played out in my mind was seeing myself buying .someone GROCERIES.
I bought an old lady yogurt.
I was not in ‘bucket list’ mode.

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping (for fruit and vegetables), as I was getting closer to the check-out line considering what to spoil myself with (deviating from the grocery list).
I could get a…

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