This is a post by a friend, we belong to some of the same Facebook groups. This is not a personal attach on any individual or group. The disclaimer at the end of the article applies!

Glitter & Toast

I love Facebook! There, I said it … yeh, yeh, I know it’s pretty much par for the course in my line of work, but I genuinely do enjoy Facebook, how it’s evolved and most of what it entails. The one interesting development that’s really catching my attention lately plays both a negative and a positive role in social media’s ever-changing development, and that is the ‘Mommy Groups’.

There are groups for every type of mom you can imagine! For the moms who want to stay slim and trim; Gym momthe moms who love to bake and cook; the inked (tattooed) moms; moms of boys – strangely I couldn’t find one for moms of girls – someone let me know if there is one (actually on second thoughts, probably, please don’t!); moms who love wine (quite a few variations of those); and generally just lots of groups of moms who want…

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