Blog Series | Winter Treats – Adrienne Bogatie


Ribbet collage

Sharing today with us is Adrienne Bogatie over fromKashering Your Life.

A little more about Adrienne:
I am a Married, full day working mom with 4 teenage children, living on a
tight budget. I blog about, helping frustrated moms, who are struggling to
save their sanity and their money by teaching them how to plan their
meals, their grocery shopping and their homes, through workshops and by
giving practical tips on my blog. Very few of my recipes take longer than
1 hour from prep to table, unless it is a slow cooker recipe.

She shares that it is one of her most favorite recipes: Easy-Made Chicken Pie

I very rarely have leftovers, but this time, I made too much, so using the leftover chicken from my I made a chicken pie.

I would say in an average household this would feed 4 people. In my…

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