8 things I learned from the one rand experiment.

While researching the budget section of my blog, I came across the R1 family, a social experiment together with Sanlam. When I spoke to my mom and editor, she remembered that in 2014 Sanlam ran the R1 man experiment for the first time.   I watched the R1 man (name unknown) and the R1 family or S’bu, Londiwe and kids. It was an eye opener … Continue reading 8 things I learned from the one rand experiment.

Things I learned while shopping!

Due to technical issues, I have had to post this blog unedited. Please forgive the grammatical errors. On a Facebook group I belong to, the topic of budgets came up and we started talking about the cost of groceries.  I have already worked out my budget, which we stick to pretty closely, but I wanted to try a different store. We average R1500 per month per … Continue reading Things I learned while shopping!

What are you wasting money on in your house?

There are so many things that we all do everyday to save money, but there are also things which we do, without realising we are wasting money. This week I looked into the cost of electricity. It was very difficult to find the exact cost of each kilowatt of electricity, but I think it is around 0.34 c. Load shedding is a sad reality in … Continue reading What are you wasting money on in your house?

Envelope Budgeting

What is envelope budgeting? It is basically dividing your money into different envelopes marked with different categories. When you receive your salary/wages, pay your regular bills online. For example: Rent/bond; Water & Lights; Rates & Taxes; DSTV; Medical aid; Insurance; school fees/ child care if it is over R1000; etc. Then take what is left over and divide it into envelopes. I do my shopping … Continue reading Envelope Budgeting

I own my kitchen!

The importance of simply staying in control of your kitchen cupboard and the freezer, can’t be emphasized enough in helping you stay in control of your budget. I am following a blog called storage solutions 101 and in it the writer, Taylor Spalding Flanery, wrote about decluttering your house and planning your meals against the inventory in your cupboard. That way you don’t buy things … Continue reading I own my kitchen!