Is your kitchen a restaurant?

I was blessed with a husband who eats anything, as long as it isn’t raw celery and doesn’t move.  My kids, for the most part, also eat pretty much whatever you give them. So when I was asked about how to feed fussy eaters, I had to do some serious research. Here’s what I found out. Adult picky eaters are recognised as having a specific … Continue reading Is your kitchen a restaurant?

What happened to my house?ME

We got married in 1991 and it is 21 years since we moved into our very own new home. At the time, we had no children and, amongst our friends, we were the only married couple.  Being ‘Frum’ was relatively new to our Jewish community. First we lived in a beautiful, large 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, flat in Berea but my husband did the Torah … Continue reading What happened to my house?ME

8 things I learned from the one rand experiment.

While researching the budget section of my blog, I came across the R1 family, a social experiment together with Sanlam. When I spoke to my mom and editor, she remembered that in 2014 Sanlam ran the R1 man experiment for the first time.   I watched the R1 man (name unknown) and the R1 family or S’bu, Londiwe and kids. It was an eye opener … Continue reading 8 things I learned from the one rand experiment.

Sitting down to clean

This week I am tackling the cleaning of the lounge and dining room areas of the house. For most of the older South African homes, a small entrance hall leads from the front door into the lounge or dining room.  I would include this room in your cleaning schedule for the lounge and dining room. When looking at a cleaning schedule for your front rooms/entertainment … Continue reading Sitting down to clean